Automation makes your life easier, and the operation and maintenance of your pool much simpler. We offer automation for your pool and/or spa that will put your backyard on cruise control. The premium automation systems that we sell will allow you to operate your pool and spa from practically anywhere in the world via your iPad, or iPhone. How convenient is it to know that your 30 minutes from home, and you can open your iPhone and turn your spa heater to 102, and that when you get there it’s hot, ready, and awaiting your arrival. Or perhaps the grandkids are coming, and you want to make sure the pool temp is up to 88 degrees to make it more comfortable for them. Do you really feel like scurrying around the bushes to your pool heater and manually setting the temperature gauge to 88? And will you remember to turn it off?

The automation systems of today allow us here at pelican pools to monitor the sanitation systems from our office. We can diagnose your pH, chemical balance, chlorine levels using these systems and tell them what we would like to adjust from a remote location.

The convenience of having in-house panels to monitor your pool and spa cannot be overemphasized. Once you have the technology, one realizes that not having the automation, would be like having to go to your A/C units and heating units to change the temperature in your house. That seems archaic doesn’t it?